Худший ограбление когда-либо | Gta Online Diamond Casino Хейст Агрессивный

#RDMchallenge #Gtaonlinediamondcasinoheist

Худший экипаж
Оставьте хранилище за 20 секунд до газа
Первый человек
Только дробовик
Just Prep Armor Armor

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42 Replies to “Худший ограбление когда-либо | Gta Online Diamond Casino Хейст Агрессивный”
  1. Thanks For Watching :),
    and im very sorry for not replying your guys comment for 15 hour, because i got something important that i need to do after i uploaded the video, and i can't even go to sleep after i uploaded my video :/
    Edit: i just noticed that R* put some minor changes on the heist, and in this video our car got spawn so far away and maybe because of this week update? Anyway Thank You again for all of your guys #RDMchallenge 😀

  2. The reason why u didn’t get a lot off money first cuz u did aggressive, u got shot a lot, u didn’t take sewers as an escape, and u have a low buyer

  3. Do you guys think is that easy? I have one for you.
    Silent & Sneaky

    -Minimal preps
    -No HUD & Radar
    -Worst Crew (vehicles, guns its up to you)
    -Any Target
    -Completly Undetected
    — Elite challenge (Highest Buyer)

    Good luck!!

  4. #RDMchallenge
    -silent and sneaky
    -no infiltration suits
    -no security passes
    -paige as hacker
    -worst guns
    -worst driver
    -no patrol routes

  5. silent and deadly
    approach: silent sneaky
    gunman: 10% cut
    driver 9%
    hacker worst one
    get detected asap
    all optional prep

  6. #RDMchallenge
    Agressive without being aggressive

    -Do the heist aggressively

    -Don't get detected

    -This means you can't shot any bullets or get detected

  7. No option prep, aggressive, camera lock first person, worst option for everything, use a far away arcade, high buyer, no sewers or helicopter, no get away vehicles, cash, shotguns only, no quick restarts, go through front entrance, exit anywhere

  8. #RDMchallenge

    Follow the leader!
    -Silent or Aggressive, your choice

    -use worst crew (even the hacker)
    -no emp, for maximum difficulty
    -undetected, in and out. Who'd have thought that?

    -use a freakin shotgun
    -worst crew (except, use medium hacker)
    -no armored suit plz
    -let's make it funny with emotion mask

    -one ppl always in the front from in to out, even to vehicle, as leader
    -the rest, follow from behind, while keep the action goes on
    -make sure the Duggans are, not strong, but not weak

  9. #RDMchallenge
    The best heist ever
    Approach- The Big Con
    Take all of it
    Players-4 Players
    Gunman- The Best Gunman
    Driver- Best Driver
    Hacker- Best Hacker
    Disguise- Grupee Sechs
    Exit Disguise- Noose
    Exit- Staff Lobby
    please pick this I been watching all week

  10. #RDM challenge
    Unplanned heist
    Approach- Aggresive
    Take- cash, oh wait shit aren’t those bills marked? Guess we’re using drills. (200,000 if possible {Can get daily vault})
    Entryway- Front door
    Exit- Front door
    Gunman- Karl Abolaji (no molotovs)
    Driver- Karim Denz (Not using cars)
    Hacker- Rickie Luckenz
    Optional preps- none accept for drills
    Buyer- Medium Buyer
    Mode- Hard
    Escape- No sewers, cars, or chopper, WALK!

    Edit- Forgot to add no communication only signs like shooting in the air

  11. Suck crew of the year award winner.
    1. Gun used in big con entrance
    2. Everybody separated
    3. Level 25 tried hacking until he died
    4. All were in 1 car except noob who died driving the wrong way twice

  12. #RDMchallenge
    "The Cinematic"
    Worst Gunman
    Driver Dosen't Matter
    Best Hacker
    All preps allowed
    Vault Contents: Gold or Artwork
    First Person
    3 Melee kills
    2 Molotov Kills
    Whenever you kill a guard you have to put it in slo mo or edit their death with a meme, sound effect or in some way.
    I know its not that creative but thats all i could think of 😛

  13. #RDMChallenge
    Big con
    Paintings or gold
    Kill only 5 or less
    Daily vault
    Get everything from the vault
    No gruppe sechs
    No exit disguise

  14. #RDMChallenge
    -Aggressive or sneaky no big con
    -If sneaky you have to stay undetected
    -Any setups you want
    -Hard mode
    -You have to play on the remote play app on your phone
    -Paintings as target
    -Any crew

  15. -worst crew
    -no op prep
    -only use knife
    -kill everyone
    -1M dollars min take (not including crew cut)
    -No helicopter
    (You’re allowed to be detected)

  16. We''re the real crew
    -best gunman
    -best hacker
    -best driver
    -silent and sneaky
    -no sewer
    -all optional prep
    -dont get seen (undetected)
    -no hud radar(map)
    -get with max money
    -target gold
    -no helicopter

    Easy?? I dont think

    Or you can use the hard one
    No one touched me
    -max loot
    -hard mode
    -no emp
    -no detection
    -worst crew hacker ricke lukens
    -no side door (side safe)
    -no optional prep
    -target gold
    -no main weapons (like mp )
    -only kill 10 guards only shoot 30 time
    -2 manned
    -no personal room

    Hard?? I think

  17. #RDMchallenge
    "The elite robber"
    -Approach: silent and sneaky
    -target: art, gold or diamond
    -take all the stuff in the vault
    -no emp
    -no duggan shipment
    -don’t be seen by the guard
    -don’t be seen by the police while outside
    -worst driver
    -any gunman
    -any hacker
    -don’t go in the sewer
    -don’t go in the train tunnel
    -no heli
    -no dead
    -oh and I forgot : only drive on the road

  18. #rdmchallenge
    Best heist ever
    Best crew
    Big con
    Yung ancestors entry
    High roller exit
    Diamonds or gold as target
    Full take
    Getaway car must be either armored or an suv
    No gunman decoy
    No clean vehicle
    Leave vault at last second
    That's it good luck

  19. #RDMchallenge
    -be drunk
    -target artwork
    -4 players
    -only have beer and cigarettes as snack
    -every 3 minutes smoke
    -dont do any optional preps

  20. #rdmchallenge
    The Jewelery Store 2.0
    The Big Con
    Gunman: any
    Hacker: Paige
    Driver: Karim Denz
    Take: brilliants(if u can’t: gold or paintings)
    4 people
    Take: min 2,5millions

  21. #RDMchallenge

    "Smoking Addict Robs A Casino"

    – Approach: Silent and Sneaky
    – Crew: Worst gunman, worst car man and Paige as hacker
    – Target: Cash or Artworks
    – Cars: Your choice
    – Dont use heli
    – 2 optional preps of your choice
    – First person camera
    The twist: Every 1 minute you need to smoke a cigarette, even when in vault and when escaping and you must to shake the camera all time a little bit to seem it like your hands would shake! Good luck have fun 🙂

  22. Overworked and underpayed heist
    All preps must be done including optional
    Duggans shipment must have 10/10 destroyed
    The most expensive heist crew possible
    2 people
    Minimum take from the vault only
    Big con groupe sechs approach
    Leave with the fireman outfit
    Gold or cash as target

  23. Kapsel Lumo
    Kapsel Lumo
    23 godziny temu (edytowany)
    "We are the best !!"
    Best hacker, best gunman, best driver
    Approatch agresive
    All preps
    Escape car zhaba
    No sewers no Police chopper
    4 manned
    No Elite
    Entrance front
    Leave front
    High buyer
    Target any (no paintings)
    Take all
    Difficulty any
    (Like to see)

  24. #RDMchallenge

    ''The Last Remaining''

    -Silent and Sneaky

    -All Opt preps done except duggan shipments, destroy the 6 of them and let the 4 remain.

    -Hard Mode

    -Elite Challenge

    -Target Artwork

    -You only kill all the guards

  25. #RDMChallange
    'Prison Break 2.0'
    Hacker: any
    Driver: the one with non armored kurumas (in memory of the glitch)
    Gunman: aby with an assault rifle (guard gets one)
    Preps: your choice, on shipment get 6 targets destroyed
    Entrance: Gruppe Sechs
    Target: any
    Loot 500k
    After you loot the vault immiedately raise the alarm, one of you mustnt use a rifle, only pistol.
    Exit: Main doors
    Use a NOOSE van (if possible, if not then getaway cars), get to the airport and find a plane (if they dont spawn there use a helicopter)
    Parachuite to the buyer

  26. I heard that they supposedly made big con harder. They supposedly blocked the easy paths. Like when you leave the stairs and knock both guys out. Can you guys confirm this?

  27. #RDMchallenge

    "The REAL silent and sneaky"

    -All preps done, worst gunman, worst driver, sentinel with black paintjob, use EMP suit, best hacker, s&s, artwork, full vault take
    -You CANT break windows, else you restart
    -Pistol only, try to meele as many guards as possible
    -You cant shock or destroy cameras, get around them
    -No drone, take as much cover as possible
    -ALWAYS walk on stealth mode, you cant rush
    -You cant kill 2 guards at once by yourself, have your teammate kill the other guard at once
    -Rob only the first daily vault after leaving NO GUARDS alive in staff lobby
    -EMP goes on after getting the loot and going trough stairs
    -Go trough sewers in getaway, you cant jack another civ car, use the sentinel, take the highway after escaping, stay under 90 mph


  28. #RDMchallenge

    "Stay Away"

    – Any crew
    – Silent & Sneaky approach
    – Any target
    – Any optional preps
    – 2 players

    – Stay as far away from each other as possible until you reach the buyer
    – Get to the vault one at a time (One enters the mantrap only when the other reaches the vault door)

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