Thunder King БОЛЕЕ 400X HUGUL BIG WIN Слот Бесплатные спины Бонусные раунды

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▼ Дипломатический уровень ниже! ▼▼▼▼▼

Сегодня он увидел эту игру впервые, и мальчик заставил ее относиться ко мне хорошо!


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27 Replies to “Thunder King БОЛЕЕ 400X HUGUL BIG WIN Слот Бесплатные спины Бонусные раунды”
  1. I was getting worried (for you) it looked like for the first part it only paid out every fourth or fifth spin…but then you did hit very nicely.  Good Job sticking with it.

  2. $270 on that single spin? Amazing, congrats!!!
    BTW – Love the fact that you enjoy it w/o getting mad at the machine for the non-pay spins. Looking forward to your 600x and 800x wins! 

  3. OMG>>>>OMG>>>>OMG>>>> People dream from hits like these, at least…I do!!! Awesome hit there!! Congratzzz (and that this may happen each day…….twice………no…three times!!!:PPP

  4. I couldn't say for sure, unfortunately – most locals don't make it out to the strip very often unless family/friends are in town. I know for sure the M Resort has Fortune Foo, but that's the extent of my knowledge on that game. 🙂

  5. Machine is random… It does not think, know what it's doing or watching you play or bet. It generates a random number millions of times per second. Most of the random numbers generated are non paying… If you hit a paying one.. you win. Bet fast, bet slow, stand on your head..nothing changes that random number generator. You hit the spin bitton, you stopped the number generator on a number. Machines are not hot or cold… Some machines have more dead numbers than others…

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