PokerStars & Monte-Carlo Casino EPT 2019 – Главное событие – Эпизод 1


Основные события первой половины второго дня главного турнира EPT Monte Carlo 2019: сотни игроков соревнуются в престижных salles des etoiles за часть призового фонда в размере 4,47 миллиона евро. Ведущими специалистами являются Калиду Соу, Фатима Морейра де Мело, Селина Лин, Мустафа Канит и Рамон Колильяс. ,


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26 Replies to “PokerStars & Monte-Carlo Casino EPT 2019 – Главное событие – Эпизод 1”
  1. Hope you're not planning to phase out the TV coverage. All online episodes, lower quality table setup. These TV shows were the reason I (and many others) got into poker. They're important for the growth of the game. Don't lose them.

  2. How do these players even make it this far or even get in these tournament? Sow calling bottom pair thinking he gets lucky then calls a re raise with 2 pair thinking it’s good and on top of that he shows his hand where he didn’t need to. This is pure definition of a fish

  3. "They were "BLACK" sixes, so "Sow." Yeah we get it you racist bastard… Let's see how long you'll have your job after this comment…. You're a complete idiot for attempting to go there…. You have the worst jokes and most annoying voice of all time.. You sound like an Aryan's prison bitch….

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