Live Slot $ 1000 в казино Peppermill 2/12

Эти видео предназначены только для 18 лет.
Стать участником моего канала и увидеть преимущества, перейдя сюда:
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Most Intros от Robert M. Спасибо Роберту за всю помощь, которую вы оказываете моему каналу!

Живые твиты из Вегаса, когда они там:

Спасибо за просмотр! Если вы найдете меня в Лас-Вегасе, пожалуйста, скажите привет!

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Я в основном выигрываю на своем канале, но, как и в большинстве слотов, к концу года больше потерь, чем побед. Эти видео предназначены только для развлечения, пожалуйста, играйте ответственно. Если вы считаете, что можете столкнуться с проблемой, посетите сайт в США или поищите в местном отделении.

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14 Replies to “Live Slot $ 1000 в казино Peppermill 2/12”
  1. Well darn those slots for not cooperating during your live stream! I hope that you found lots of riches afterwards. Always a joy to see you playing with mom at the casino! Looking forward to seeing a snippet of your cats at the end of an upcoming video. Best of luck to you always and keep on walking away a winner!

    Oh side note, my sister didn't win anything "big" during her Vegas trip. The $1250 hand pay at the Venetian on her first night was the only "big one." Having said that, she had a great time with her in-laws celebrating her birthday during Superbowl weekend.

    My other sister is heading to the casino in Eagle Pass, Tx this weekend. Let's see how she does. 😀

  2. HEY IT WAS ALOT FUN..HELLO MAMA LEE GOOD TO SEE YOU..CANT WAIT TO SEE THE NEW BABY KITTIE..MINE LOVES WATCHING TOO..LOL MY 1st 60. Lol..gets along really well with my little Boston Terrier..they play all the time she's 8 years old the kittie is a male..pretty Simease white a bit beage color very pretty blue eyes..So not sure why I never got one sooner really have enjoyed him..YALL BRING LOTS LAUGHS AN JOY.MANY BIG HIT BLESSINGS..

  3. Sorry I missed your live stream, I loved that Wale’s game can’t wait to play it and love to watch your videos you and your Mom so cute always entertaining and fun.
    Better luck next time, hope you guys are home safe from the airport.

  4. Excellent effort as always !  Your mom is so understanding of the process, mine wouldn't react the same if I lost $1000 in an hour lol . Better luck next time !

  5. Hi Diana! I've said it before and I'll say it again, your Mom is such a classy woman! Such a beautiful endearing smile…She looks especially good since her trip to Florida… She must've really enjoyed seeing her friends again.. take care of each other and here's to winning big bucks!

  6. Hi ladies! You both look amazing. What is the brand & color of the lipstick your Mom wearing? It's perfect for her (sorry…i am a makeup artist). Thank you for the video…I missed it live. This is the reality of most of my days at the casino.

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