GTA Online Update добавляет Казино, Мастер Пентхаус, Новые Суперкары – Ежедневные Игры Ежедневно

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49 Replies to “GTA Online Update добавляет Казино, Мастер Пентхаус, Новые Суперкары – Ежедневные Игры Ежедневно”
  1. Don't forget about 5M hacking software that players use for RPing on private servers , and rockstars customer support is garbage if they even get to the ticket sometimes it's months before you hear from them – Even on some shark cards purchases . Those numbers also just count their copies owned it doesn't take out the hacked credit card purchases or the banned accounts for hacking and credit card theft . I loved the game on xbox , but there were so many hackers before they patched where you couldn't tie it into the pc and run the modding software I bought a copy for the pc transferred over then found out The pc was even worse and wished I could go back to the xbox lol . I've spent thousands on gta V and when VI comes out im just shit out of luck . I wont buy anything on VI if it doesn't transfer to the base game , If I can't open single player and fly or drive what I buy online I won't do it . plain and simple .

  2. There is SO much potential for the "virtual horse racing" to get hilarious. Some dude could just run onto the track and start fucking w/ one of the horses, or like what recently happened in real life, one of the horses could throw its rider and then still race w/o him. The horses could somehow get set on fire and continue to run like that which isn't really funny but it does look cool…

  3. Rockstar not happy with the biggest scam ever to grace the gaming world, now they want to make it an even bigger scam by taking advantage of people with gambling addictions…

    Because $100 in shark cards for a skin that would've been a free mod 15 years ago isn't enough, they want poor addicted gamblers throwing away hundreds of dollars per week for a chance to win nothing at all whatsoever.

    I've gone from the biggest rockstar fan to someone who can't wait for them to fail. We can only pray that GTA6 is the biggest failure ever to grace the gaming world…

    I know it will be the first rockstar game I will never buy… GTA died with the introduction of the shark card scam.

  4. I'll give rockstar credit where credit is due. They basically put in all the stuff loot boxes do but instead of trying to pretend it's something other than gambling they literally turned it in to a casino.

  5. Sooo… GTA is now doing loot boxes, but instead of using the illusion of a random box of loot, like in most games (looking at you EA), they are just straight up leaving them as literal gambling? lol. I would love to hear them explain this to congress.

    Rockstar: No Mr. congressman, our game doesn't have gambling in it.
    Congressman: But your players are literally paying real money to play slots and poker. How is that not gambling?
    Rockstar: Because the player can not redeem their in game winnings for real world money.
    Congressman: That just means your game's gambling is an even shitier version of real world gambling…

  6. I finally gave in and have to say that I think the music that plays in the background of these videos sound so annoying. It sounds like pigeons are cooing in the walls of my house.

  7. Last time I logged into GTA Online: Logged in on my boat, walked outside to the helicopter. By the time I'd received all the phonecalls & texts telling me about the new content there was a hacker standing in front of me spamming 2.5k cash every second. Logged out.

  8. Were not gonna talk about how this game came out im 2013…its almost 2020…thats wild 😐

    This game may make it to another generation of consoles,im no longer doubting it.

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