GTA Online Casino DLC Обзор: Рокстар боится?

GLC Online Casino DLC великолепен, и я счастлив, но я не могу не думать … Страшно ли Rockstar?
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24 Replies to “GTA Online Casino DLC Обзор: Рокстар боится?”
  1. All this complaining about "real money can be used to buy chips"! What's the fucking problem? The game is rated 18+ and you can only buy chips using VIRTUAL money. What more must they do to please people who have a gambling addiction? Kids shouldn't be playing this game, they are legally not allowed to. If they still do so, that's the parents problem, not RockStar's. You cannot directly buy chips using real money. You need virtual money to buy chips, you need shark cards to get virtual money and you need real money for shark cars. There's two fucking extra conversions in between, so how many more should there be?

    Ironically, many countries where the entire gambling aspect is banned are Arab countries where is it legal to marry and fuck a 13 year old against her will. So basically, if RockStar would introduce minor NPCs in the game and give you the ability to rape them, these very same countries would be fine with that. But no virtual gambling? Think about that for a moment…

  2. The point of the flags is so that when the most competitive cars are the only thing people want, they switch the flags for the billionth time forcing you (that is if you still want to be at the top of the competition) to buy the new fastest car in the game. The flags are just there to mitigate people into buying the same car they already owned but felt like they didn’t need.

  3. Rockstar Games has semi officially announced they haven't even begun thinking of GTA 6 yet, I put the due date on that at maybe 6 years from now, if not more

  4. These passive mode nerf can also easily be ignored through use of Heist invites to a facility or the RC Bandito, even before this passive Nerf I hadn't used it for avoiding combat in months, or passive popping because if you are a try-hard that does that you're a pretty unskilled try-hard.

  5. The only reason they didn't add weaponized vehicles and so the Grinders would stop whining that's the same reason for these so-called Mark II "Nerfs" any competent try-hard can easily ignore them. Additionally the Mark II is the Pinnacle of weaponized Vehicles anyway so we don't really need anything better

  6. Trust me there is other stuff which is way more addictive. MICROTRANSACTIONS. Buying shark cards is more adictive fx the roulette for csgo fortnite skins and so on. If you could get real life money back from gambling in gta sure it would be a problem. WHY IS THE CASINO UPDATE BANNED IN SOME COUNTRIES

  7. As an English man, born and bred, I have to say, I thought your English accent was excellent. 👍 If I had to rate it, I would probably give it about an 8.5 to 9. Can't give it a perfect 10, but it was bloody close! 🤣 You have also got yourself a new subscriber, and a like on this video. Keep up the good work and I will keep coming back to watch your content. Blessed be.

  8. Tuners & Outlaws, Motocross DLC, formula 1 DLC, definitely more Benny's cars, Navy DLC, BMX/Skateboard competition DLC. All while adding more guns. I got plenty of ideas for updates who knows what they've got planned tho honestly

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