GTA Online: давайте будем реалистичны в казино DLC …

Учитывая всю шумиху вокруг Casino DLC, важно смотреть на вещи с логической и реалистичной точки зрения, что обновление не может быть тем, чего мы ожидаем.

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1. Убедитесь, что ваша учетная запись в социальном клубе общедоступна, а бренд геймера виден
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(Если вы не выполните шаг 1, дайте мне знать или расскажите о способах расхождения, используя методы ниже)


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35 Replies to “GTA Online: давайте будем реалистичны в казино DLC …”
  1. i agree 100% if this dlc doesn't add some weapons/weaponized vehicles no one will remember this update in like a month. tho tbh the nightclub dlc looked like it was gonna suck but they added some decent hardware and the thing, the thing that shall not be named. so maybe it will have something (i'm almost 100% sure they will add another moc/avenger type vehicle to the game with this, hopefully it's useful in combat and not just a business machine)

  2. This update for me, will consist of being constantly nagged with phone calls to buy into the casino and then eventually I just give in and buy to shut those calls up. But then different calls start coming, nagging me to use what I’ve bought.

    I came so close to dying yesterday because English f*cking Dave called me during a firefight. I felt paralysed until he hung up!

    I went over to the car he wanted me to get in and blew it the f*ck up!

    How the hell do you hang up from that guy?

    I was a sitting duck while he droned on about some DJ, FFS.

  3. What you said about super cars needed to be said for the longest time. THANK you.. The Op MK2 might be the most hated vehicle in the game atm but it's easily the most useful thing in the entire game in terms of transportation and CEO missions like HeadHunter.

  4. Was really hoping to be able to have your own casino and be able to manage win rates of the games. (Higher win rate = more popularity, vice versa) i cant even connect to servers with multiple players so the supercar doesnt affect me

  5. I am excited for something new in GTA, since I've been on a long hiatus from it…but idk how long this DLC is gonna last for me, arena war was disappointing to me and I'm hoping this update won't be a repeat.

  6. 100% Glad someone came out and said everything I've been thinking about regarding this dlc. I want it to be good, as with anything added to this game, but I'm just getting those vibes from what I'm seeing so far.

  7. Meh, I agree with the longevity of the missions like you said, but I also believe the ratio of "old school gta players" to new players is quite off. Like how often do you see people above level 300 in freelobbys? I have been playing since day one and remember when The heists were brand new, that was revolutionary. Its cool to revisit older missions and relive them. Even Lamars low riders is fun to do, something to break up the monotonous CEO crates, export, VIP work, Gunrunning, ect cycle. That gets old FAST. 

    Yes it may not make you as much money as a good grind of import export, and other free mode operations, but honestly, after you pass $50 million, the game gets repetitive and thats what kills the enjoyment of it. you can buy all the good stuff (your favorite supercars, weaponized vehicles, ect for around $15 million) past that, any other money is just play money.  

    I love spending a game session of non ceo work, playing the 2xrp racing challenges, doing some RnG missions, helping other lower players do the early heists. Too often we just login and grind grind grind…. the game is not all about that!!

  8. You are the type of GTA 5 player I despise, I’m sorry but, all these weapons and futuristic stuff have ruined GTA, I’ve quit playing gta 5, 2 years ago, it’s spoiled.

    I literally play Gta 4 everyday now, so much more realistic and enjoyable.

  9. Night club trailer didn’t have any weaponized vehicles in it at all and only had sport cars in the trailer just like the casino trailer… BUT they drip fed the weaponized vehicles after the update and nobody knew about them until later and not even the leakers knew about them until
    Later, plus the casino update look kinda of the party type like the after hours and I’m pretty sure they might drip feed the warstock..

    Tbh if rockstar didn’t put any war stock in this DLC. Whatsoever then they are literally just trying to be assholes because I mean everyone complains about the MK2 oppressor and wouldn’t be surprised if rockstar haven’t seen the complaints and videos about it..

    They have to drip feed warstock…

  10. I think we should stop speculating and making assumptions about something we know NOTHING about. Who cares if all it is is gambling, horse betting, and another pool/hot tub we won’t use. Atleast they’re giving us content almost 6 years later. Also if you haven’t watched or seen older trailers for updates, like take a look at the After Hours DLC Trailer. It didn’t show us anything but that we were getting a Nightclub. We never knew we’d be getting flying bikes, the Terrorbyte, etc until the actual update came out. Plus I mean someone did leak the vehicles beforehand.

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