GTA 5 Интернет казино Heist: HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R! (Кастомизация Динка Сугой)

GTA Online Casino Автомобили Heist представлены здесь вместе с Honda Civic Type R / Dinka Sugoi GTA Online! Давайте попробуем что-нибудь из GTA Customization и создадим самый мерзкий Civic! Подпишитесь на больше игр GTA, Автомобили, Хранители и многое другое!

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Название: Размеры Хеллберга
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29 Replies to “GTA 5 Интернет казино Heist: HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R! (Кастомизация Динка Сугой)”
  1. Just imagine if Rockstar were to implement actual licensed vehicles into a GTA game in the future that would be so amazing and they have done it before with Midnight Club L.A.

  2. Nick: "you've got spoilers on spoilers on whatever that– alright are we for real? Do you we really need that rear wing?"


  3. 168th comment and very nice vids 👍 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😀😀😀

  4. This remodeling actually looks a lot like the real thing
    also ricer just kicked in yo (2:43)
    Apologies, more coming your way at 3:01
    Ok you know what imma just put out the timestamps for rice – 3:07, 3:49, 4:02, 4:41. Someone is gonna need some soy sauce after that.

  5. Will u make a ralley 1969 Dodge Charger that looks like the General Lee in Forza Horizon 4 plz Mopar fam like if u agree

  6. rockstar ar a bunch of motherfuckers iv been waiting on the f1 car for olmost 2 months so i can finnaly fucking glitch f1 wheels on my other cars JEESUS

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