[FREE] Money Beat 2019 – Инструментальная мелодическая ловушка "Самозванец"

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(БЕСПЛАТНО) Money Man Beat 2019 – Инструментальная мелодическая ловушка "Imposter"

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Аренда MP3 – $ 30
WAV Lease – 40 долларов
Премиум-лиз – $ 100
Неограниченная аренда (с треккаутами) – 250 $
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19 Replies to “[FREE] Money Beat 2019 – Инструментальная мелодическая ловушка "Самозванец"”
  1. When I’m in my zone
    Nobody is stopping me
    I’m tryna ball forever like Vince carter be
    Most of my life I been living in poverty
    Been on a roll so you better honor me
    been on my grind tryna feed the fam
    Got weight on my shoulders
    Like ants in a colony
    you cant be loyal
    then you are low quality
    taking no bullshit like a robbery
    shark in the water
    I don’t ride the wave
    I stay down till it’s time to come up
    This life I been living
    It feel like a maze
    Like a germ I been up in the cut
    Out the mix low key on the side like a fade
    All my mind been on is running it up
    She wanna make love
    But love don’t make the money
    So I only got time to fuck
    Eviction notice on the door every month
    Everybody struggling we from
    Everyday a nigga die by the gun
    Gotta get this money
    I can’t be the next one
    My hood mixed with
    Athletes rappers graduates n killers
    And a couple drug dealers
    That bread came in handy
    When the pb&j mix was all a nigga had
    For dinner

    I lost mysef I had to go find me
    I was losing grip of the real
    I remember them old days
    They behind me
    I been goin forward like a wheel
    In jail is most likely where u goin find me
    If one of my loved ones get killed
    We was just Lil kids in the alley
    Now we grown men paying bills

  2. My engine go fast getting too the money fast 200 on the dash got me speeding driving with no limit I'm loosing the system push button start like I'm batman made my momma proud I'm the man now racks busting out my pockets got 4 pockets 4 like I'm baby these nighas be hating but ion paying attention if they try and play me imma teach em a lesson I count up my blessing touch down in yo city and get another load did me like 4 shows been on the road I'm exhausted I lossed it all and o got it right back imma whip this bitch fast

  3. This is banger Hittahbeats 🔥🔥.drums and the 808 goes crazy🤯🤯.will be checking you out for more.lets support each other out by subbing each other out.

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