Работники казино раскрывают самые печальные истории (r / AskReddit Лучшие сообщения | Reddit Stories)

► Работники казино раскрывают самые печальные истории (r / AskReddit Лучшие сообщения | Reddit Stories)
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5 Replies to “Работники казино раскрывают самые печальные истории (r / AskReddit Лучшие сообщения | Reddit Stories)”
  1. Second hand story that I heard from my dad. This was back in the 80s. He went out with his dad on his 50th birthday to a very small but big casino in a town roughly 6,000 people at the time. They did the usual stuff, play slots, got drunk, and slept at the hotel. But before they went up to sleep they say this dude that was dress to the nine in a 3 piece suit at a roulette table that had a $1000 minimum bet. They went upstairs and slept. The next day they came back down to see the same dude in a shirt and sweatpants crying in a bathroom. Apparently he lost his car, and his suit.

  2. I work at a local casino in Las Vegas, we constantly have suicides, but when I look for them on the news or internet they never show up. Casinos constantly cover them up. This last year we had one where a guy threw himself off the 4th floor parking lot while I was working. If you get to know security in a casino they will always tell you this.

  3. Besides that guy burning the Manila casino, I see a lot of sad things in the Philippines too. Lots of people losing money on cockfighting bets, Lotto and street gambling. Not to mention investment scams.

  4. In Argentina minors are not allowed in Casinos, so it was a news a couple of times (I just remember 3 cases) when parents go to the casino and leave their kids waiting on the car. I remember one where the parents go to "one shot" but stay there all day and their baby girl died. It hit me so much when I was young, I didn't want to stay in the car for a long time after that, and my father installed a "panick button" for me (it was just the lighter lol) if I have kids I promise I never will let them on their own like that

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