Получить алмаз в качестве цели на консоли | Gta Интернет Казино Казино Хейст Тихий И Подлый Хард


ECRZ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLq70Yzdu5I-4UVZ6zP8abg


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24 Replies to “Получить алмаз в качестве цели на консоли | Gta Интернет Казино Казино Хейст Тихий И Подлый Хард”
  1. #RDMchallenge
    Strategy: Whatever

    Target: Gold

    Crew: Whatever

    Sell Level: High

    When escaping the casino, run all the way from the casino to the destination (no vehicles or any other type of transport)

  2. the reason why you couldn’t escape is a network issue. if someone had bad connection and you have good connection but you’re in the same vehicle, you won’t lose the cops, that’s why it worked when you guys got out of the helicopter

  3. #RDMChallenge
    Minimum Wage Worker
    -Aggressive Approach
    -Target Cash

    -Charlie Reed Gunman Any Guns
    -Karim Denz Driver with Asbo Car
    -Rickie Lukens Hacker

    -Any preps except Reinforced Armor
    -Enter and exit through Staff Lobby
    -Paycheck Take 200,000 Maximum (not trying to torture)
    -Any Buyer

    -No Sewers
    -Take Either Freeway

    Hope you have fun gl👍

  4. I have a question how did you get diamond and 3590000 million cause i did the Heist today And i got Art and the max was 1969000

  5. #RDMchallenge

    The "equality" challenge

    -Agressive two player, one woman character and one man character
    -Woman character takes all the loot only
    -Woman character CANT take damage, else you restart
    -Man character must take out all guards from the way
    -Woman character must drive
    -Woman character gets 85% cut

  6. As unbelievably sloppy as that was I’m amazed you didn’t get caught, when I shoot the asshole in front of the elevator in the back of his bare bald head 3 times he whimpers shoots his gun and alerts everyone. You ran up and listened to him scream before punching him in the face and nobody got alerted

  7. Only 3,7mio thats really poor.
    We get 3,4mio with gold and the money in the boxes.
    So the different to diamonds is a joke. Thanks Rockstar 💩

  8. RDMChallenge
    -Aggressive or sneaky no big con
    -If sneaky you have to stay undetected
    -Any setups you want
    -Hard mode
    -You have to play on the remote play app on your phone
    -Paintings as target
    -Any crew

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