Подождите, напитки бесплатны в казино? – Авквафина – это Нора из Квинса

Нора учится играть в блэкджек в казино в Атлантик-Сити, а ее бабушка сталкивается с группой женщин у электрической розетки на фуд-корт.

О Авквафина Нора из Квинса:
Авквафина играет роль Норы Лин в этом сценарии, основанном на ее реальных начинаниях в Квинсе, Нью-Йорк. Выросшая со своим двоюродным братом, отцом и бабушкой, Нора поддерживает свою семью, когда они отправляются во взрослую жизнь в Нью-Йорке.

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35 Replies to “Подождите, напитки бесплатны в казино? – Авквафина – это Нора из Квинса”
  1. It's only free every 20 mins went to New York for my 21st and they only where supposed to give us free drinks every 20 min through the same waitress so u have to find the other waitresses that haven't served you yet so we got really wasted woke up at another casino in the mountains of PA

  2. Counting cards is allowed in AC, based on a court ruling. You may still be kicked out for doing it in Vegas though, but it's not illegal anywhere.

  3. I c her the first time in Ocean Eight…

    What's her real name, n the character she played….

    I fell in ❤ @ the first sight…


  4. I'm sorry but how do people find this funny? No disrespect to her she came this far so that alone is pretty crazy but this isn't funny its forced humor that doesn't work for me…

  5. Finally an Asian show & that's funny! Haters are just racist. Please keep this show going!!! Too many black and white tv shows, not enough of other ethics.

  6. Anything is illegal if the government is losing money. Forcing taxes is illegal. Tax money should go towards universal healthcare, not prisoners healthcare. This is the stuff people needs to stand up for.

  7. Comedy Central do yourself a big favor and cancel this bs show. It's not entertaining and u can do better. I used to hold u to a higher standard but u do play some real stupid shows, cartoons, and now this complete mess. Stick to ur sure thing winners like Drunk History. That's an actual great show that has no business on the same network as all these bs shows. Tighten the fuck up!😒


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