Онлайн GTA: Diamond Casino & Resort ТРЕЙЛЕР ПРОРЫВ! Все, что вы могли быть потеряны!

Играть в Crossout бесплатно! Перейдите по этой ссылке и получите три оружия или фургон в качестве бонуса:

Спасибо Gaijin Entertainment за спонсирование этого видео.

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🎼Music (tagsToTranslate) gta (t) gta 5 (t) gta online (t) онлайн-казино GTA (t) онлайн-казино GTA (t) онлайн-казино GTA (t) (t) GTA ONLINE КАЗИНО DLC (t) GTA ONLINE DLC ВЫПУСК ДАННЫХ (t) GTA ONLINE DLC (t) GTA Online: Diamond Casino u0026 Resort ТРЕЙЛЕР ПРОРЫВ! Все, что вы могли быть потеряны!


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43 Replies to “Онлайн GTA: Diamond Casino & Resort ТРЕЙЛЕР ПРОРЫВ! Все, что вы могли быть потеряны!”
  1. I think it looks like the agent that was in gta4 or gay tone the with the IAB um think it was niko girlfriend that turned out to be a undercover agent thats who i think it is he sounds alot like him too

  2. Scrolling through videos on YouTube.
    Saw a trailer breakdown video.
    Saw the video length of 19mins.
    Continue scrolling through videos.
    Thought for 2 seconds.
    Scroll back up and wrote this comment.

  3. Why did you switch video players? You we're on Youtube and then you switched to the Rockstar video player, the Rockstar one isn't as compressed btw.

  4. Multiplayer is based halfway through the campaign… hence why the union depository is still open… also Simons dealership is open but you destroy it in the campaign and it closes down.

  5. I went to this place today its actually currently a resort and spa and I wanna know if they will take out the road next to it and also are there heists in kt ? Cuz there is a lot of cut scenes

  6. It'd be cool if they changed up the interior theme every week or so.. 😎🔥

    Was hoping for the cozy, nostalgic, wood etched, native American vibe, but this is cool too..

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