Одна из самых больших проблем у Rockstar с обновлением DLC Diamond Casino & Resort в GTA 5 Online!

Одна из самых больших проблем у Rockstar с обновлением DLC Diamond Casino & Resort в GTA 5 Online!
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В сегодняшнем видео Grand Theft Auto 5 – я расскажу вам о самой большой проблеме, с которой Rockstar связана с обновлением The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC, которое скоро появится в GTA Online!

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47 Replies to “Одна из самых больших проблем у Rockstar с обновлением DLC Diamond Casino & Resort в GTA 5 Online!”
  1. lol he said that mr chang or whatever his name is dies only in the 3rd option so correct me if im wrong if you choose 1st or 2nd options so mr chand doesnt die so this video becomes a waste of time

  2. See now I am trying to give you a chance and help you pay for this mclaren but now you are lying saying that his translator was not there when we was clearly there the whole time look for the blue suite

  3. Honestly with the amount of times you get comic book characters looking like they die to come back because they were found barely alive band secretly rushed off for a serious amount of medical help and taking into account that this dude is full of money it's a kinda easy stretch to say this kinda thing coulda happened, as to whether this will be explained or not, well time will tell

  4. Could the guy with the cowboy hat be the same guy (remastered) from GTA Vice City? I forget his name, but there was a dude with a white cowboy hat that you had to do side missions for.

  5. I think, although I could be wrong, that mystery guy was called tommy or something like that at one point during the trailer. But again, I could be wrong.

  6. How is this a HUGE problem? SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven't finished GTA V Story mode. You can kill Simeon in the story mode and he's still alive in the online mode. How's this any different? No one cares.

  7. Yo MrBossFTW, I've been watching your content for a while and I really enjoy it and I wanted to ask you something. In Red Dead Redemption 2, (RDR2) I was in chapter 6 roaming Annesburg and found a guy in front of a building near the gun shop who was a Scottish Scientist Talking about the future of American Science. After him talking, he will hand you a book called "Hopes For The Future" I would like if you could check this out! Keep up on the good content

  8. To put into a nutshell, im pretty sure third way is canon, as Ron mentions Trevor abandoning him saying he went all Los Santos on him in the smugglers DLC, and Teo Cheng was optional to kill in the third way, you only had to kill his father. So his father probably died and he inherited his money from him being a mob boss.

    You're in love with him aren't you? How can people even like this guy, he goes to GTAForums to steal content and has made EVERY SINGLE VIDEO about Tez's tweets.

  10. It does make sense he appears towards the end of story and died we are near the end of things for gta 5 online and he appears maybe he will die here also? Only thing that makes sense to me

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