Длинный бонус 517 спинов запускается и весело, большая победа на
Слот China Mystery 2c Konami в казино в Сан-Мануэле, Калифорния

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36 Replies to “ДОЛГО РАБОТА 517 КИТАЙ МИТЕР БОЛЬШОЙ ВЫИГРЫШ! 2c игровой автомат Konami”
  1. how do you hold your phone and record? Curious. Im always scared of the slot attendents chasing me out if I get caught. In NM if you get caught recording they take your money that you win and chase you out. haha

  2. Do people that dont enjoy every payout on every play on the bonus or not and press the botton are compulsed gamblers and can win a million and give back to the casino in a hurry

  3. Hace como dos semanas fui ala casino. Y jugué 10 dólares y me dio a ganar 200 dólares y estaba jugando de 10 centavos lo que te ayuda es que te da muchos juegos y eso es muy buenoo

  4. Tried this game several years ago: No time for this game, at all. "Don't like so many games/ chose pot several times/ gave less than half most of the time….Pooey!

  5. Congrats on the awesome video! You are featured on this weeks Top 5 Slot Videos of the Week! You can check it out here.

  6. SlotsBOOM, Great Win!!! I'm a long time subscriber watching your videos way before it was allowed!! Now big time you tube players, betting max bets, trying to out bid new games that San Manuel praises them! But we know who deserves the credit way before these other players came on!! You Slots BOOM!! San Manuel should give you more "CREDIT" for starting this !!! Thank You for playing!!!

  7. We have this game available online as well – if you want to practice before you arrive: https://play.sanmanuel.com/1741/launchSocialGame.do?launch=real

  8. Awesome win, and great video. Really enjoyed watching it. This is my dads favorite game. He always gets lucky on it with nice hits and bonuses. Me, not so lucky on chyna mystery. I want to visit san manuel soon. Hope they give u lots of free play for all your great promotion you give them. Its nice that they allow recording too.

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