Внутри самой большой афера казино в Н.М.

Это была обманчивая игра в мошенничество и подделки, адское казино, которого Нью-Мексико не видел раньше. Жертва: Сандия Казино. Вступление во владение: более 1,2 миллиона долларов. , [TagsToTranslate] внутри [т] Н.М. до [т] выше [т] казино [т] афера


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41 Replies to “Внутри самой большой афера казино в Н.М.”
  1. I beat the casinos all the time, almost 100% chance. How I do that? I never set foot in the casinos. You don't loose your money to the casinos means you win.

  2. Holy shit….50 years!! This guy is like Robin Hood…he should be applauded. Casinos are the biggest crooks,next to governments and criminal justice system! Set this guy free

  3. Bottom line about casinos. All the games are negative percentages. If you don't like them, don't play. You might win in the short run but not in the long run. And even in the short run you may lose all your money. Disregard the hype and play for fun or don't play at all.

  4. This sentence proves, life is cheap, money and greed comes first, it's a similar story with the great train robbers here in England, got 35 years for hitting the establishment.

  5. Yeah I'm sure casinos get scammed out of money by its own employees all the time. The women probably buying clothes and makeup and s*** cuz well they just get saggy and wrinkly with age I need to buy things make themselves feel better and to build their self esteem just from being old and wrinkly

  6. I KNOW I'm not going to be very popular here after posting my perspective, so it's probably good that I don't give a sh*t…
    A 50 year prison sentence for a crime like this is absolutely outrageous, in fact, it shouldn't even be possible to hand down a sentence this harsh for a crime like this, especially if this is the man's first offense. I MIGHT be able to get behind a sentence this harsh if the accused had priors, and I could DEFINITELY send a man to prison for 50 years if he'd been victimizing individual people, or even a single person. But to send a man to prison for the remainder of his life because he stole a bunch of cash from a faceless, insured, corporation, is just way too totalitarian for my liking.
    This man most definitely deserves prison, he deserves the financial ruin, he deserves the criminal record and the modern day Scarlet Letter that comes with it… but he does not deserve to die in prison.

  7. That judge has to be a creep to give that man 50 years it's a freaking disgrace rapist and child molesters don't get that kind of time. Don't know how they can live with themselves

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