Венецианский Макао. Самое большое казино в мире

Venetian. Крупнейшее казино в мире. Гонконг-Макао. Азиатский Лас-Вегас 2008.


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6 Replies to “Венецианский Макао. Самое большое казино в мире”
  1. Sheldon Adelson's big dream. Las Vegas is still growing. But Macao and Singapore are catching up as player's hell holes (sorry the words).

  2. @yuyu3650 Teresa Teng songs in the sound track:
    Song 1: Boat Song
    Song 2: East Mountain Raining
    Note: as we are not Chinese, accuracy of information is not guaranteed.
    (you could also find this info in the video window under Tags)
    End song: Kay Starr with Wheel of Fortune.
    Some music seems to be copyrighted, as YouTube blocks public view of video statistics.

  3. first place : hong kong ferry terminal
    second place: Macau, Macau
    third place: some place i went to have lunch once
    4th place: some mountain h run a school race on
    5th place: ruins of saint paul
    6th place: grand lisboa
    7th place: macao tower
    8th place: the bridge (1 of 3)
    9th place: venetian (so im going to assume you took the venetian bus from the port)

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