Последняя из моих больших побед в тот грандиозный день в казино Cherokee! После того, как я выиграл джекпот за $ 1280, я сыграл еще несколько игр. Заработано больше, чем я выиграл в джекпоте!

Эти видео созданы только для развлекательных целей. Пожалуйста, играйте ответственно! Установите конкретный бюджет и знайте свой лимит! Проблемы с азартными играми? Обратитесь в анонимную группу поддержки азартных игр. слоты. [tagToTranslate] слоты


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  1. You were on 🔥, so happy for you, and I feel the same about people sitting near me and losing my mojo, that's if I had been winning🤣 Good luck

  2. Great Video Carla.. Looks like you had a great time there. Congratulations on your wins. I sent Bill The Barber over here to subscribe. Me and him are runnin' buddies.. we hit the casinos and drink a few every now and then. Have a great week! 🙂

  3. I love the Cherokee casino, still trying to find my fave games so far it’s the Aztec sol or Inca ones that I really like. They used to have dragon realms that I loved and always hit on, but they took those away. 😢

  4. very nice wins miss Carla!Always fun to watch ya get those multiple red screens girl. Have a great weekend and God Bless💜

  5. Yes Carla , I noticed that also about when people come and sit beside you. My machine stops paying. Great wins for you. CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. AWESOME!!! Cherokee was sure pumping out the bucks girlfriend!! I'm so happy that you were there to collect those Benjamin's baby!!! Keep landing those winning spins beautiful lady…love ya 😘💜💖💛👏🏽👏🏽💥💰🍀🍀🍀

  7. Congratulations on winning! We agree if a machine is winning hard to win on the same group. If a machine is in a bonus I stop playing till it’s over. 😎😎👍🏽🎸

  8. Gotta love the multiple red spins! I did really good on KOC, but not as good as you! May good luck always surround you 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  9. Wow, another great video, loved seeing so many red screens! I've noticed too that when someone sits down next to me they immediately start winning and I start losing my butt. Headed to the casino tomorrow morning, I need some Carla luck!

  10. I am telling you Cherokee ❤️ s you!!! I do miss that place just because it was one of best for me awhile back. Lol…I only move to a different machine if someone plays one I just done played and I lost on lol. So happy to see you winning ☺️

  11. I made it early! 😃 Been up since 5! Now to your video! 😁 Very nice continuous red screens, BFF!!! 😍 Great hits!! I’m so with you on the less congestion. I like it empty! lol! That’s when I’m usually there. Again, so happy you and the hubby did amazing! Great video! I’m loving the thumb!! 😃👍🏽 Wishing y’all the best of luck and win win win!! Love ya! 🤗❤️ Have a great VGThursYAY! 🙌🏽 Weekend around the corner! 😃🤗 Oh and I can’t wait to visit all your casinos!

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